Maxine Gary Lou Julien

Maxine Gary Lou Julien is the CEO of Caelis and is responsible for business development activities in member countries of the ADB. She has recently completed an advanced Internet Web Design Program with the Informatics Institute and is a BSc graduate of Centro Escolar University in Manila.

She was previously Manager of Operations with one of the Philippines largest passenger travel organisations, responsible for business development, security, customer relations, reservations, and logistics of passenger and cargo operations. She was Sales Agent with a major international flag airline where she handled customer relations, special requests, daily reporting systems, reservations, and telemarketing to develop clientele for cargo operations.

Angel DiezMr. Angel Diez is the Director of international Development and has participated in several high profile projects related to ICT and telecommunications engineering capacitation and training for Caelis International and the International Telecommunications Union/UNDP in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Benin, Madagascar, India, Rwanda, Senegal, Gabon, to name but a few of the countries of experience. He has also performed in depth sectoral studies for the Canadian Government related to applied research in telecommunications, particularly in the fields of data transmission, mobile radio and cellular telephony. He has designed and implemented several Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks in Canada, Afghanistan, India, Rwanda, Chile and Senegal. Mr. Diez is a regular speaker at international conferences in data communications, seminars, and courses. He is a teacher at Université du Quebec à Montréal in the Computer Science department. Angel also designs RF circuits and systems for corporate and government clients from his own extensive RF laboratory. Mr. Diez has an M.Sc in Telecommunications from highly recognized international tertiary institutions: University of Madrid, Spain (1973) and a M.Sc in Computer Science from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (1985).

Kyle WhitingKyle Whiting, Senior ICT Consultant, has over 10 years experience in managing, analysis and field implementation of ICT projects. Mr. Whiting’s project portfolio includes the management, analysis and implementation of national e-government strategies; government Universal Access (mobile and internet services) market assessments, program and pilot development; needs assessment and capacity development for rural ICT business and education centre rollout, and development of locally appropriate online/mobile applications for locally appropriate natural resource management, environmental monitoring, and education tools. He has implemented projects in several countries Pakistan, Mozambique, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, Thailand, Philippines, Costa Rica and northern Canada.

Mr. Smithers has a BA (Honours) in Political Science from Trent University (Canada) with post-graduate studies in Regulatory Economics and Business Ethics. Mr. Smithers is a Management Consultant with almost 20 years of international experience in market assessment, regulation and policy development, sector and institutional restructuring, Information Communication Technology (ICT) program and service strategies, and consumer information and standards initiatives. Specialisation in strategic evaluations leading to regulatory and policy reform. As a consultant, he has provided analysis and recommendation on the establishment of an ICT Ministry in the Philippines and how to further develop its BPO industry, and has contributed to the development of its national digital strategy. He also has consulting experience assessing and developing institutional structures and telecommunication sector policy in Mongolia, where he developed regulatory procedures and codes, and advised on sector and institutional restructuring strategies and competition issues. In Kenya, he provided leadership on two ICT development projects – including business assessments, partnerships, monitoring and evaluation. He has consulted in Jamaica leading a telecommunications regulatory project to enhance competition, and has developed the Saudi Arabian universal service fund by conducting an international benchmark study and providing detailed recommendations on the structure and strategies for that fund. He has conducted training sessions on topics such as regulatory and policy decision-making, investigations, compliance, dispute resolution, and confidentiality in a variety of countries


Mr. Cowan has more than 35 years' experience in all aspects of information technology, the majority of which was with IBM Canada Ltd. contributing in executive, sales and strategic management roles. He managed the IBM banking industry centre in Toronto. During that time, he spearheaded the introduction of the technology to drive the Interac system that has ultimately made cash from any bank available at any banking machine and almost every retailer in North America. Under his leadership, the group evolved from a cost centre of 28 people to an international profit centre of 129. Solutions were developed to automate many aspects of retail banking as well as foreign exchange trading.

Mr. Polloni holds a Masters in Statistics and Econometrics from Université Le capitale, Toulouse, France, 2016 as well as a M.Sc in Public Policy from University of London, UK. 2004. Mr. Poloni has 24 years of professional experience, of which over 14 in the field of international economic cooperation.

Strong, multi-faceted experience on the issues related to economic diversification and competitiveness: 

conception and design of technical and financial support programs in the sectors of agriculture and rural development, natural resources management, environment, fisheries, water and sanitation, as well as programs for the economic governance institutions; conception and design of a technical and financial support program for Morocco’s approximation to EU standards, in order to improve the international competitiveness of goods and services produced in the country (hygiene and food safety, non-renewable energies, vocational training etc.) methodological support for territorial planning in Angola, in a perspective of diversification out of an oil-based economy and the reduction of regional imbalances;

Sound and wide experience in public financial management reforms, and in particular theoretical and practical skills in the following areas:

  • reform of economic policies and strategies (the education sector in India and in Niger, the justice sector in Jordan, multi-sectorial territorial planning in Angola, sustainable agriculture and food security in a number of sub-Saharan African countries, approximation to the EU’s acquis in Morocco, economic diversification in Nigeria, the water sector in Guinea Bissau, the environment, fisheries and urban sanitation sectors in Algeria);
  • budgetary reform and multiannual financial planning (Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Territories Palestinians, São Tomé e Príncipe, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Nepal, Italian public sector);
  • internal revenue mobilization and the fiscal aspects of sectoral policies (cost recovery and the improvement of financial sustainability in public sector agencies in Barbados and Guinea Bissau),
  • financial oversight of public spending and the prevention of the corruption (Palestinian Territories, São Tomé e Príncipe, Morocco, Algeria, Liberia, Nigeria, Chad, Italian public service),
  • the management of public finances by decentralized or devolved entities (technical support for the County Development Program in Liberia, the feasibility of a multi-donor trust fund in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, evaluation of the functional capacity of the Government of the South Sudan etc.).

Proven quantitative skills, in particular in the implementation of econometric models:

  • development of a financial model and a sensitivity analysis for a new e-Governance agency in Mozambique;
  • conception and design of a household survey on migration and development in Togo;
  • analysis of macroeconomic aggregates and simulation of their future evolution within the framework of the evaluation of the budgetary and monetary policy of the Republic of Haiti planned by the EU’s macroeconomic budgetary support program;
  • collection, processing and presentation of quantitative and qualitative indicators of program and project results, within the framework of the EU’s Results-Oriented Monitoring;

James is a founding partner of Cenerva and an acknowledged global expert on number portability. With 25 years’ experience across a variety of senior telecoms roles and consultancy assignments in over 30 countries, James brings extensive international experience to Cenerva.

Caelis International has a standing Association Agreement with Cenerva whereby both teams cooperate towards strengthening joint efforts.

  Prof. Holbrook has a B. Sc (honours) Physics from Dalhousie University, Halifax, 1996 and     a  M.Sc Physics from    Western University, London, ON, 1968. He is currently Associate   Director and Adjunct Professor at Simon     Fraser  University, Vancouver, Canada. Prof.   Holbrook has over 35 years’ professional experience in the   management and   implementation  of policies by public sector bodies in higher education, science and   technology   (S&T) policy issues, including the analysis of science, technology and   innovation   (STI) policy and   program activities in both the public sector and the private sector.  Prof.  Holbrook is Scientific Director at the   SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), responsible for monitoring and fostering   the transfer of knowledge from Canadian Universities to industry. . Prof. Holbrook has over 15 years’ consulting   experience in S&T and innovation policy and national and regional S&T policy capacity building for various   donors / multilateral organisations, including EC, UNESCO, UNDP, APEC, CIDA. He has provided professional   consultations, among other, in the following countries: Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Korea,   Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile.

Stephen Caswell - International consultant and teacher at Simi Valley HighStephen A. Caswell has more than 25 years of experience in strategic planning, market research, needs assessment, marketing communications and public relations as both a consultant and as a staff manager. Beginning with an M.A. in Communications, Mr. Caswell started his career in the high tech industry working for Mini-Micro Systems magazine as a senior editor in 1973. In 1975, he joined International Resource Development (IRD), which was one of the companies that pioneered the field of multi-client market research studies.

From 1975 to 1987, Mr. Caswell was the project manager for more than 20 multi-client market research report on a variety of computer and communications topics, and, in 1977, as the founding editor of Electronic Mail & Message Systems (EMMS) newsletter, the first to cover electronic mail. Mr. Caswell is the author of two books on information systems: E-Mail (published in 1988 by Gage Publishing) and Using CC:Mail (published in 1992 by M&T Books) and has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Mail Association. In addition, he worked on a variety of marketing and strategic planning consulting projects for companies that included Digital Equipment Corporation, MCI Communications, Bell Canada, AT&T, CNCP Telecommunications, and DMR Canada.

Mayuri Naik - Interntional expert in distance educationMayuri Naik is an eLearning and User Experience (UX) Strategist for over fifteen years committed to crafting user experiences for products, services and interfaces. Mayuri's extensive work in interactive product management & design and strong business acumen has enabled her to lead, execute and deliver customer centric solutions with an outstanding closure record. Mayuri is a well-respected professional in the Indian Telecom, eLearning and Media Industry sectors and she also enjoys an enviable global reputation in her profession.

As an eLearning Specialist, Mayuri has been instrumental in developing and strategizing cross-platform, multi-lingual, multi-media learning solutions for a variety of segments –K-12, Adult and Vocational Training, Teacher Training, Corporate and Govt. Sector Training. A strong commitment to use of ICT in developing nations, Mayuri has also committed her knowledge and skills to successful projects with the Asian Development Bank in Cambodia and in Sri Lanka.

Shalini SharmaShalini Manandhar Sharma is Manager of Business Development  with Caelis International Development. She is responsible for exploring business opportunities, conducting research, preparing EOIs, and identifying consultants for a variety of RFPs.  Ms. Sharma has completed a Masters in Business Administration specialized in Marketing Research and International Markets from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.  She also holds a degree in Project Management from Centennial College, Canada and is undertaking a yearlong degree program in Information Systems Business Analysis with George Brown College, Canada.