Mr. Smithers has a BA (Honours) in Political Science from Trent University (Canada) with post-graduate studies in Regulatory Economics and Business Ethics. Mr. Smithers is a Management Consultant with almost 20 years of international experience in market assessment, regulation and policy development, sector and institutional restructuring, Information Communication Technology (ICT) program and service strategies, and consumer information and standards initiatives. Specialisation in strategic evaluations leading to regulatory and policy reform. As a consultant, he has provided analysis and recommendation on the establishment of an ICT Ministry in the Philippines and how to further develop its BPO industry, and has contributed to the development of its national digital strategy. He also has consulting experience assessing and developing institutional structures and telecommunication sector policy in Mongolia, where he developed regulatory procedures and codes, and advised on sector and institutional restructuring strategies and competition issues. In Kenya, he provided leadership on two ICT development projects – including business assessments, partnerships, monitoring and evaluation. He has consulted in Jamaica leading a telecommunications regulatory project to enhance competition, and has developed the Saudi Arabian universal service fund by conducting an international benchmark study and providing detailed recommendations on the structure and strategies for that fund. He has conducted training sessions on topics such as regulatory and policy decision-making, investigations, compliance, dispute resolution, and confidentiality in a variety of countries