Gerry Morgan is a well-known consultant is distance education and technology. He has served as a grade school teacher, a senior administrator, an author, a software developer, an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education at UBC and an international consultant for a variety of aid and development organizations. Gerry currently holds the position of International Director of Education, Health and Technology for HRO, (Human Relief Organization). Gerry is providing the technology they require and is also serving to coordinate the grant writing required by the organization. Gerry also maintains a Senior Associate position with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

Gerry has worked in over 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America and North America. He has held corporate positions of CEO, CIO, CTO and CIA and has received the Award of Merit as Business Person of the Year.

Gerry has taken to market more than 40 products, three of which won the Software Association Award of Excellence. Gerry has been awarded the National Northern Telecom Award, the Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teacher Award, and the National Heritage Day Award for his work. Gerry is also a well-known speaker in education circles, and has been invited to over 100 conferences on education and technology in 16 countries.

Mr. Morgan has spent the last few years supporting technology companies through the complex start up process. He is currently either advising or is on the board of directors for several start-up technology companies.

Gerry has served on the National Education Advisory Board for Bell Northern Research (BNR) and as an advisor to Royal Roads University’s MBA program. He has participated on the editorial board, and is a regular contributor to Think Magazine. Gerry’s Web engine technology has been used by organizations such as Schoolnet India, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) at their Geneva headquarters, the University of North Carolina, British Telecom (BT PLC), the British Columbia Ministry of Education, and a host of other organizations. The Web engine is one of the key technologies that allows institutions to create full on-line learning communities without the requirement of having in-house technology experts.

Gerry holds an MA in Education from Antioch University (USA) and a B. Ed from the University of Calgary (Canada). In academic pursuits, Gerry has been involved in the publication of 27 text books and as a sessional lecturer at the University of British Columbia (Canada), Simon Fraser University (Canada) and The University of Victoria (Canada).