Peter Donkers has more than 20 years of practical experience at all levels in K-16 programs in Canada and the United States. Currently a senior executive in educational technology, distance education and open learning with the British Columbia Ministry of Education and the Open Learning Agency, he has also served as a consultant to IBM, Industry Canada and to governments and institutions in Mexico, Argentina, India and the Caribbean.

Peter's background includes research and analysis of comprehensive options for the implementation of educational technologies in the K-16 system; preparation of policy recommendations, briefing notes and reports for Ministers, consulting regularly with educational stakeholders, elected and non-elected officials, industry experts and content providers on the development and deployment of an education technology infrastructure, hardware and software standards, content and curriculum development and in-service teacher training programs.

His related experience includes: Leading the development of a comprehensive K-16 strategy for the Open Learning Agency; Development of the business plan for the Canadian Virtual High School (CVHS); Project Manager, Mexico-Canada Distance Education Project; Co-author, Technology Blueprint for British Columbia Education.

Lead Consultant, Distance, Distributed and Open Learning, Republic of Argentina (Ministry of Culture and Education), Government of Chile (Ministry of Economic Development - INTEC), Commonwealth of Learning (Caricom, India), University of Veracruz (Mexico), UNITEC (Mexico), Anuhauc University (Mexico), Grupo Pulsar (Mexico), National Open School (India), Past Co-chair, IBM K-12 Educational Advisory Council, USA; Chair, TelEd-98 International Conference; Contributor, Technology & Learning journal; Past Executive Member, Canada's SchoolNet Advisory Council.

Advisor, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, HRDC; Executive Advisor, Instituto Latinamericano de la Communicacion Educativa, Mexico City; Chair, Technology Planning Institute; Board Member, Technology Source Journal; Consultant, Commonwealth of Learning (India-National Open School, 1999 & 2000); Former Board member, Technology Infrastructure Board (Tata Institute for Fundamental Research-Mumbai, India); Former Board member, SchoolTone Alliance, San Francisco, CA; Founding Director, eLearningBC; and Former Board Member, Community Access Program, Industry Canada.