Prof. Holbrook has a B. Sc (honours) Physics from Dalhousie University, Halifax, 1996 and     a  M.Sc Physics from    Western University, London, ON, 1968. He is currently Associate   Director and Adjunct Professor at Simon     Fraser  University, Vancouver, Canada. Prof.   Holbrook has over 35 years’ professional experience in the   management and   implementation  of policies by public sector bodies in higher education, science and   technology   (S&T) policy issues, including the analysis of science, technology and   innovation   (STI) policy and   program activities in both the public sector and the private sector.  Prof.  Holbrook is Scientific Director at the   SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), responsible for monitoring and fostering   the transfer of knowledge from Canadian Universities to industry. . Prof. Holbrook has over 15 years’ consulting   experience in S&T and innovation policy and national and regional S&T policy capacity building for various   donors / multilateral organisations, including EC, UNESCO, UNDP, APEC, CIDA. He has provided professional   consultations, among other, in the following countries: Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Korea,   Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile.