Trevor has 38 years practical classroom experience in the UK and in the British Columbia educational K-12 systems as a Science specialist, with the last 8 years as a Teacher-librarian. Since 1988, he has been involved in educational technology, especially in the use of the Internet for Education; he has given workshops at the School, School District and Provincial Level In October 2000 he became involved with a cacheing project at his school which was funded by the Canadian Department of Industry and other local partners including the Open Learning Agency and the British Columbia Ministry of Education. The project was implemented by Advanced Interactive, a Vancouver company specializing in delivery of the Internet by cable and satellite. The project was set up to investigate the possibility of cacheing whole websites onto a special cacheing server located in the school; the websites would then be delivered at LAN speeds from the cache to the students. This involvement led to an extension of the project through which the management of content in the cache, and the application of metadata to the process were further refined.

Trevor has also worked with the First Nations People of British Columbia since 1973, and he will be working with the Squamish Nation Education Centre in North Vancouver where his duties will include introducing ICT into the Curriculum and acting as a resource person for their Telecentres.

He obtained a BSc Hon Applied Science from Durham University, England in 1962, a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate from Loughborough Training College in 1963, an MA in Curriculum and Educational Administration from Gonzaga University in 1978, and in 1993, a Librarian certification from UBC.