Prashant Lal ShresthraPrashant Lal Shrestha is an IT Professional specialising in System Development and Project Management in Nepal since 1993. He Graduated in Computer Science Engineering from Karnataka University, India. An excellent communicator, he has participated and presented papers, both nationally and internationally in his field of work. He has good analytical, documenting and supervisory skills in IT, Computer Management and Support, as shown by his extensive involvement in International Donor funded Private and Public organisational projects. This also demonstrates his written and verbal communication skills in English and Nepali and his ability to work independently with little or no supervision.

He has more than 15 years of experience of complex database systems, 4 years of which involved web-based systems, and 10 years of experience of monitoring software development projects. He has worked continuously on donor-funded projects in Nepal since 2003 for EC, Asia Foundation, WB, ADB and DANIDA. He has more than 18 years of teaching experience of different Academic as well as Professional courses.
He has received a training award on Project Management for System Development by the Centre of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) in Japan and has been honoured with the Excellent Achievement Award. He has been responsible for the Application System Development for various projects such as the Welfare Management System of Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) and the Clinical Management System of ADRA Nepal. He was an IT Coordinator, for the EC Nepal Micro IT Project in 2004/5 and IT Monitoring Expert for the EC ICT-NJ Monitoring Project in 2009/10. Presently he is evaluating and monitoring Web-based Integrated Management Information System projects and supervising students implementing Information System projects and web-based applications. Mr. Shrestha also served as member of Monitoring and Evaluation committee for Business Incubation Initiatives under the Grant Fund from infoDev, The World Bank to IT Professional Forum (ITPF), Nepal during 2004/7. Mr. Shrestha is the Director for Knowledge Holding International (K-Hint), which was promoted by a group of elite ICT academics and business people and is the first of its kind in Nepal. K-Hint is strongly backed by IT professionals of diverse expertise and experience and aims to pool together the knowledge base as well as other resources from these professionals to put together a unique approach to addressing any client's needs. With years of experience in consulting, research as well as trainings and workshops, K-Hint is your one stop ICT service destination.