Yousef Mahbubul IslamHaving returned to Bangladesh after completing his PhD from Strathclyde University in 1988, Yousuf started work in the initial stages of the software industry in Bangladesh as a pioneer and entrepreneur. Being a developing country with low literacy, low power density, low telephone density and almost no computers he faced severe implementation problems. He left almost no stone unturned in efforts to avoid software project failure and therefore found innovative ways to tackle and often circumvent the problems. He now uses this experience and expertise to teach students at both graduate and undergraduate levels in the subjects of Systems Analysis & Design, Software Project Management, Software Documentation Methodologies and Software Engineering.

He played a pioneering role in setting up and developing Grameen Communications, the data processing unit of Grameen Bank, currently the largest data processing outfit in Bangladesh. In 2009, the unit managed the data of over 2100 branches and over 6.4 million active borrowers. He worked with Bangladesh Bank and four Nationalised Commercial Banks (NCBs) in a pioneering capacity helping them become self-reliant in developing their own PC-network-based software. All implementation strategies included a heavy training component as well as a software documentation methodology. The Team Leader of the USAID funded Financial Sector Reform Program (FSRP), Patrick Vath accorded Yousuf a special award for successfully establishing the PC-based development teams. He designed and supervised the development of the initial software systems at both Glaxo Bangladesh and Organon Bangladesh, both pharmaceutical industries. Most recently, he designed and supervised the development of a mobile-based countrywide data collection system for sample delivery for UniMed/UniHealth another pharmaceutical company.

To solve implementation problems, an area that Yousuf focuses on is education and training delivery. To acquaint himself with the latest techniques and technology in education, he recently completed a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Open University Malaysia. He now employs novel techniques in delivering his workshops and courses at university.