Kyle WhitingKyle Whiting, Senior ICT Consultant, has over 10 years experience in managing, analysis and field implementation of ICT projects. Mr. Whiting’s project portfolio includes the management, analysis and implementation of national e-government strategies; government Universal Access (mobile and internet services) market assessments, program and pilot development; needs assessment and capacity development for rural ICT business and education centre rollout, and development of locally appropriate online/mobile applications for locally appropriate natural resource management, environmental monitoring, and education tools. He has implemented projects in several countries Pakistan, Mozambique, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, Thailand, Philippines, Costa Rica and northern Canada.

Mr. Whiting is a specialist in project management, market analysis, participatory needs assessment, sector policy development, scenario analysis, viability studies and development of sustainable follow-on programs and piloting projects. He plays a leading role in socioeconomic analysis and conduct of collaborative rural field surveys with key stakeholders and marginalized, impoverished beneficiaries. Mr. Whiting is also a capacity development specialist in facilitation of national workshops, skills development and hands-on training for government and NGO staff, local consultant and community field surveyors, and technical departments. Delivered capacity building included topics on functionality mapping of user requirements of ICT applications; survey design, pre-testing, piloting and data collection; integration of geographical information system (GIS) functionality in ICT applications, databases, sector assessments and program monitoring.

Mr. Whiting’s professional experience with Canada’s leading ICT research firm, Intelecon Research and Consultancy, Vancouver, and the aerospace and information systems company, MDA Corporation, Richmond, BC, focused on feasibility analysis and strategic approaches to ICT and telecom solutions enabling greater public access to e-government services, digital land registries, and expert natural resource information systems in northern Canada, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Much of the emphasis of the consulting work centred on policy & regulatory development within the national communication and information technology sectors, as well as, providing important guidance for local line agencies across sectors.

Typical projects Mr. Whiting has demonstrated proficiency in includes research of sector policies & regulations, ICT & Telecom service demand studies, gender & environmental impact assessments, capacity development and training, universal access and services strategy recommendations including broadband rollout, and building of business and educational opportunities for those in rural and impoverished areas. All projects integrated public involvement in design, implementation and assessment of local needs through participatory processes that include hands-on workshops, focus group sessions and personal interviews. Initiatives included extensive statistical and field-level service demand analysis and willingness-to-pay research related to ICT, business and educational services of importance with key stakeholders including rural citizens, students, telecommunication companies, internet service providers, natural resource industries (agriculture, oil & gas, & mining companies) and financial organizations in banking, microfinance and insurance.

Mr. Whiting has a Masters degree in International Studies specialising in joint venture partnerships between industry and aboriginal communities from the University of Northern British Columbia. He also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia and Diploma in Conservation Law, Lethbridge, Alberta. He has advanced training in business analysis, geographical information systems, and a variety of statistical and database programs.