Caelis International Development was engaged in a $450 million project to modernize the educational system in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We served as the Senior Technical Advisor, and Acting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and CIO for Jordan’s Ministry of Education (MoE).

Our team contributed Improvements of practices in policy, strategic planning and operations. We provided recommendations and methodology on delegation of authority, competitive pricing and quality of connectivity on a national basis to provide e-learning and specialized services to the MoE’s 95,000 employees and two million students.

We guided negotiations with telecommunications carriers, ISPs and content providers and reviewed the quality of service (QOS) for the national network and the 70,000 PCs, appliances and software in the MoE’s facilities. We established a continuing dialogue with public and private stakeholders to develop a new policy framework for e-learning and specialized services and introduce a Policy and Strategic Planning Secretariat (PSP) to build capacity within the Ministry.

We determined the principal indicators to be captured, monitored, and assessed in a new EMIS and negotiated with potential suppliers of EMIS, of which several wanted to reinvent the wheel and could not localize very successful applications introduced and operating elsewhere.

We drafted flowcharts for the EMIS in preparation for an RFP, and we initiated contact with several other donors to coordinate contributions in technology, e-content, network planning and architecture. We advised the Minister and Secretaries General on policy and planning issues and recommended appropriate implementation mechanisms and controls by MoE management.

We developed an Appropriate Usage Policy (AUP) for MoE assets, “Jordan First” Procurement Strategy to build national supply capacity, introduction of more productive and timely procurement strategy, IP repository, deployment strategy for technology to schools through the build up of the human resource infrastructure.